First multimedia portal has been launched in the Internet space Azerbaijan. site contains video interviews and photos of public figures and well-known creative people who used to live , and live now in Azerbaijan. This site is the first multimedia portal in Azerbaijan .

We have tried to present  on our website  the lives of our interlocutors outside their profession , show their world  vision, and  their inner world .

Shooting is made  mainly  in the offices of our interlocutors, and the  display of surrounding objects themselves say about their owners.

We try to focus on the books, collections and personal photos … in short, on  all that is in the office of our interlocutors , and that is valuable to them.

Currently, numerous websites  operate in Azerbaijan. They cover almost all areas: science, politics , society, entertainment, etc. However, there have not been a media site.

We believe that this site will take its place in the Azerbaijani Internet space.

We have tried to make the site interesting to all. The website is not entertaining. The aim is to emphasis on alternative knowledge of speakers.

The purpose of the site in English is to form an international audience and alternative knowledge and opinions about famous people of Azerbaijan.

The head of the  site: Aziz Karimov

Chief editor : Sevinge Rahimova