Fikrat Goja graduated from Maxim Gorky Institute of Literature in Moscow in 1964. Since 1967, he has held various positions in the Writer’s Union of Azerbaijan where he was appointed Secretary in 1997, a position he still holds. Since 1978, he has been Executive Editor of Gobustan magazine.

He has written many poems, most of which have been published. His major poetry anthologies include the following: Seagull (Gaghayi), When the Moon is Swimming in the Sea (Danizda ay Chimanda), I Owe Everybody (Hamiya Borjluyam), Human Character (Insan Khasiyyati), Starry Thoughts (Ulduzlu Dushunjalar), Sleepless Nights (Yatmadighim Gejalar), Life Pages (Omurdan Sahifalar) and Selected Works (Sechilmish Asarlar).

Two more poetry books are scheduled to be published soon: Simple Truth (Adi Hagigatlar) and The Poems I Love (Manim Sevdiyim Sherlar).